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S2947 Paris(巴黎)1
S2947 Paris(巴黎)

Name 姓名 : S2947 Paris(巴黎)

Age 年龄 : 24 Years Old

Height 身高 : 163cm

Boobs 胸围 : 34C+

Weight 体重 : 49

Room & CD Included 包房包套


Central Area 中部地区



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2022-09-24 14:54Andy Says:
She’s really a nice lady to have sex with. Not too bad on her look.
Nice curvy body, big ass good for doggie and natural C boobs to play with.
Can cum easily every time when we met. Not the fake type but you got to do it right
Friendly and accommodating. Passionate and girlfriend feel 100%. Don’t missed the gem while she is still here
2022-09-22 11:06小叔叔 Says:

2022-09-21 13:31vv Says:
21 Sep 2022 - Paris

Today skip lunch n dated her n requested for black stockings outfits as shown on her wechat moments. When door open wow what a stunning view tight skirt with tube top,身材太棒了。



2022-09-19 18:46lee lop Says:

AREA 地区 : SG
Looks 样貌/颜值 : 8.5 / 10
Age (Est) 年龄(大概) : around 26
Body 身材 : a little Curvy
Boobs 胸部 : Natural
Kissing 接吻 : - / 10
Catbath 全身漫游 : 8 / 10
BBBJ 无套口交 : 9 / 10
Painting 舔鲍鱼 : - / 10
FJ 爱爱 : - / 10
GFE 女朋友感 : 9 / 10
Massage 按摩 : 7.5 / 10

Overall Experience 整体 : 8.5 / 10

RTF/RTM 回头率 : Yes and had been visiting her every fortnightly

Remarks (if any) 评语 : Can easily tell she is from the photo from her mole between her eyes. She has a very clean environment as she maintains her room very well. Always enjoyed having conversations with her and loved her \"know-when\" sensual touches during massages and know how to make you feel good. A hard working ML always trying to offer the maximum pleasure and satisfaction. Really feel like my girlfriend. Will continue my supports and heard she will RTC within next few months. need viagra(calis. dapoxetine
sidinafei ,can add wechat id yindudaigou688 make you harden and lastlonger

DISCLAIMER / 免责声明 : Above FR is based on personal experience of the Bro with FL / ML and served ONLY AS A GUIDE.....Other Bro may have different experiences with the same girl & Exercised Discretion Whilst Reading.....No 2 dicks are the same.....So don\'t Kpkb.....
2022-09-17 16:50Jackie Says:
2022-09-14 19:01WB Says:
Paris is a real lovely gem. Truly enjoyed every moment with her which makes me miss her after every session. I will definitely support her regularly hehe
2022-09-14 13:15马来西亚小哥哥 Says:
2022-09-13 21:12Ken Says:
Spent an hour with Paris this afternoon. She’s indeed an extraordinary girl. 如果你不小心,真的会爱上她!
2022-09-13 18:32iii Says:
friendly, perfect figure, solid skills, horny gfe, no wonder Paris is famous
2022-09-13 13:13好人 Says:
2022-09-12 14:11Wbl Says:
典雅美女,身材一级棒 温柔体贴 非常配合 请珍惜
2022-09-12 08:32好人 Says:
2022-09-11 23:43金枪不倒 Says:
2022-09-03 00:47Ryan Says:
2022-09-01 23:34SatisfiedCx Says:
She is a gem. Her looks can grow in you
She is willing to satisfy. Her breasts are really bouncy and soft.
10/10 gfe!
2022-08-31 15:15ash Says:
小姐姐性格很好 身材一百分
2022-08-30 16:25vv Says:
26 Aug 2022-Paris TT S2947

Reached location 5 mins earlier, when door open she waring a white mini skirt n black top to receive me, sexy n we hugged each other chitchat for awhile n she revealed her g-strings to show her butt so sexy which i requested yesterday.
After shower together, we started the foreply on the couch thereafer carry her to the bed n continue the foreply fk, fondle with her boods n went south for painting job ff switch to her to service me lick my nipples slowly n bbbj ff she started to ride me with CD of cause n the view was nice n i sit-up to rock for awhile n started to carry her back to the couch n told her to hold tight, with the huge mirror what a sight like av, she also started to rock ff put her down n change to doggy ask her to look at the mirror n she was so shy n her back view was fantastic ff we both when to cloud nine, this time round can see her legs tremble for awhile n carefully remove the cd.
We truly enjoyed the great time together, will be back soon.
Conclusion: To me she is gentle outside n inner is wild, we get along well due to our chemistry developed over the years, you may not get what i get , please be patient with her.

Thank you for reading as this is not a conventional FR is on my encounter with her.
Please skip if you don’t like it.

2022-08-24 17:16Ben Says:
2022-08-19 16:49Hhhh Says:
2022-08-18 18:13Sam Says:
She looks much prettier than photos. She was like my long lost mistress who wants sex so badly. We hugged and kissed for good ten minutes the moment we saw each other. After a quick shower, we start making love and it was so good. I love fucking her from behind and listened to her moaning . Her pussy was so tight and make me want cum so so badly. Really enjoyed the date with her, will definitely rtf again

Five star!!!
2022-08-13 16:31Andy Says:
2022-07-31 21:03John Says:
Paris is back. She is best girl. 100% love her.
2022-07-31 18:59耐克口香糖 Says:
脸越来越精致了。后入的感觉一如既往的好。也很会骑。服务还是很好的。主要颜值高 口活好 技术好 屁股好。会在约
2022-07-31 15:27vv Says:

29 Jul 2022-双飞with XXX n Prrrr

Initially fixed appt with pr, next day she suggested tarma with her 姐妹,told her 没试过,she said 体验一下so i duly obliged.好吧体验体验一下。
Reached location (Orchard area)on time chitchatted for awhile n pr shower together with me first. in bed both started the foreplay by licking my nipples n lick back n my both hands already caressing their pussy. xxx started to moan n in no time pr already doing the bbbj.
Fast Forward, xxx started to ride on me n pr came n hugged me n follow by 69. FF do a missionary on xxx, told her want to keep it for pr n pr turns switch to cow girl , pr rides vigorously n we changed position to missionary n xxx pushing n smacking my butt from behind FF both went to cloud nine.
In between changed CD n b4 n after deeds provided Listerine, Very good hygiene practices.

That all for my FR, 自己去体验一下。


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